A facility’s working conditions could be noncompliant with standard LDAR regulations without your knowledge. Investing in the best LDAR monitoring hardware from LDARtools prevents dangerous, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from affecting you and those around you.

Our LDAR program hardware will identify these rogue emissions that are produced by equipment with loose connections and valves. An FID meter will find the source of the leak, enabling technicians to correct the problem quickly before it causes long-lasting environmental and compliance ramifications.

LDARtools’s LDAR program hardware are top-of-the-line, helping reduce harmful chemicals that may be hidden from the naked eye. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you suspect a leak; our LDAR monitoring hardware will help sniff it out.

XCIEL Samsung S23

Built for C1D2 and ATEX Zone 2 areas, the ruggedized, intrinsically safe S23 Samsung Galaxy phone is the perfect choice to withstand hazardous working conditions that demand the toughest handheld devices.

c2 TVA Bluetooth Adapter

3 1/4 inches – A ruggedized and waterproof Bluetooth transmitter designed for continuous use with a Thermo / Foxboro TVA 1000B. It allows TVA readings to be wirelessly transmitted to a PDA or computer and It also enables re-light of the TVA wirelessly.