Customer Reviews

I was very pleased with how the LDARtools team replied fast with possible solutions for my issue with the phx42. I have nothing negative to say about their awesome teamwork and their great communication skills with us, the (customer).

Jose GutierrezPoet, LLC

“As always, it’s a pleasure working with the LDARtools staff, they always meet my needs.”

Josolyn Rodriguez HydroChemPSC

“I like the fact that you can easily order most items for the machines and receive them in a few days. Everything is always in stock and readily available. The fact that a repair technician can order parts and make the repairs themselves “in house” is the main thing that sold us on the LDARtools product.”

“You guys offer the best product on the market and have proven to find higher leak concentrations as seen in some of our recent field observations compared to the TVA2020.”

Wesley NelsonChevron

“I like the functionality of the equipment and the automated calibration stations. It eliminates human error and it is more efficient.”

Daniel NelsonShell Oil Products

“Thank you very much for all of LDARtools’ help and expertise during this project. I greatly appreciate it.”

Jeff JanzenEnvironmental Technician
iSi Environmental (iSi)

“Scott has been more than helpful with our transition to phx42 and SpanBox5. He answers calls and stays on the phone until it is complete.”

Troy BolserLTI Mobile-8944

“Everything worked out fine.Love the fact that the phx21 can be diagnosed from the files sent online.”

Stanley RomeLDAR Site Supervisor
TEAM Industrial Services

“Very knowledgeable and very helpful when placing an order. Thank you.”

Don Squiresphx21-1697-7257

“Great job! The LDARtools support system always goes the extra yard.”

Hillronel Germainphx21-1925-9393
Global Port Westward

“Couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks”

Anthony LangleyMesa-G Repair

“Great job as always provide by Scott Mortimer. Rapid response and effective solution.”

Hillronel Germainphx21-1081-8241 / phx21-1922-8302 / phx21-1081-8552 / phx21-1911-8343
Guardian PSC EXX-BR-LA

“I enjoy the feedback and service we get from LDARtools. The response time is fast and full of detailed instructions to ensure we get the best service for our phx21.”

Job Velezphx21-1002-8471
Guardian PSC

“The technician was very helpful.”

Barry Selcerphx21-1949-7947
Guardian PSC

“As always the customer service experience and support has been 2nd to none and I look forward to the future as we prepare for the phx42 install. I am sure that we will receive unflinching support and service from LDARtools.”

Vedo Guilloryphx21-1328-7492

“Great help, great company!”

Daniel Meachamphx21-1987-7970

“Along with the rest of your staff, Scott is amazing! He anticipated our needs and was ready and responsive before we even engaged. Another amazing experience with LDARtools!”


“I thank you for all of the work y’all do for us at Guardian.”

Barry Selcerphx21-1912-6503

“Recently we received a site audit by Charles Christiansen. I have been in the Oil & Gas industry for 20 years and only a few times have I encountered such professionalism. The knowledge that Mr. Christiansen has bestowed upon me, allowed me to achieve a level of confidence with the analyzers and Spanbox which has maximized productivity and efficiency.”