Spanbox5 Flame Ionization Detector Calibration System

LDARtools proudly carries the SpanBox5 flame ionization detector, a superior calibration system revolutionizing how the industry manages LDAR adjustments. The SpanBox5 removes the manual recording of calibration records and gas application during calibration confirmation and drift assessments. Ultimately, this calibrator saves your LDAR program valuable time and effort by automizing and optimizing time-consuming processes. Contact our sales team today to learn more about the SpanBox5.


Instead of having to fumble fumbling with bags, stopwatches, clipboards, and forms; you attach just connect the phx21(s) and or / phx42(s) to a SpanBox5, press “Start” and reply to the prompts.


SpanBox automatically captures and preserves all calibration data you are required to generate and store, including accuracy confirmation and drift assessments.


Having a SpanBox allows you to design a solid and reliable calibration process, and then replicate every, single day.