New Pump Clamp Tool

Pump Clamp Tool When installing pumps in the phx42, there is a chance of breaking barbs and the pump clip. To make this process easier, we have added a new pump clamp tool to the pump assembly. This tool temporarily bends the tubing on the pump…

Office and Warehouse closed Tuesday 9/14 due to possible weather.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/14), the Warehouse will be closed. We will make a decision about Wednesday (9/15) on Wednesday morning. Wish us luck and stay dry yall!

787 phx42s and NONE in our Repair Lab

On August 30 we had another Zero phx FID Day in our lab! (Actually, we had one phx42 but since it was going to be an extended repair, we had provided a free loaner to the customer - so we smile and consider that a victory.) Normally, we would…


Please see this page from our friends over at Juniper Systems.
archer 3

Water on your touchscreen?

It's summertime in Texas and that means if it's not raining you are sweating. Did you know that your Android probably has settings for wet conditions? Check out the user's manual for more info. Here's a bit of info about one of our favorite…

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certification and a Brownie Celebration

LDARtools is pleased to announce that we have completed the certification process for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Management Systems.  This has been an exhaustive, months-long process and we are grateful to the team that has made…

phx42 Probe Testing Adapter Now Available

The Probe Testing Adapter was designed to help you identify the root cause of filter related errors such as: .                How to use the Probe Testing Adapter When a filter error is not resolved by following the on-screen…

Closed for Good Friday

Enjoy your Easter Weekend folks. See you on Monday.
phx42 TVA Probe

LDAR Probe Contest Produces First Class phx42 Probe Carrying Ideas

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our phx42 Probe Carrying Contest. We had many entrants and have decided to name even more winners than we had originally planned. The Grand Prize of $250 goes to Bruce Phillips (with Lily/ERM).…


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