5 Benefits of a Properly Implemented LDAR Program

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programs are utilized in refineries and other industrial environments where volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are abundantly present. In principle, LDAR elements are designed to eliminate fugitive emissions…

Resources material moving to Knowledge Base!

Starting today, all documentation accessible via the Resources tab at LDARtools.com will be moved to the LDARtools Knowledge Base. For those not yet familiar with our Knowledge Base, you can access it via the Support tab at LDARtools.com,…

phx42 Instrument: A Reliable Solution for Meeting Method 21 Requirements

Method 21 and the phx42 Leak detection is an essential part of environmental compliance in many industries, and complying with regulations can be challenging. Method 21 is a commonly used EPA method for leak detection, and there are instruments…

Fishing Time at LDAR

The pond at LDARtools is an employee favorite. There have been 6 types of fish caught. Check out the photos! On occasion, you may find Rex and Valerie's  grandson, Hollis, taking a break from his busy day to catch a fish and enjoy the sunshine…
The Importance of Volatile Organic Compound Leak Detection

Spanbox5 FID Automatic Calibration Updates

A new version of Cal5 has been released. Below is a list of the changes. Updated the head unit and base not connected warning text. Improvements to head unit and base communications. Changed Power Down to Sleep Mode after drifts. …
The Application of LDAR in Monitoring Fugitive Emissions

The Application of LDAR in Monitoring Fugitive Emissions

Did you know that facilities and refineries utilize a wide range of LDAR applications to assist their fugitive emissions monitoring processes?

FID Filter Detection: How to Calibrate and Respond to Failed Calibrations

Maintaining a Proper Filter on Your Equipment Maintaining a proper filter on your equipment is crucial to ensuring its optimal performance. Without a filter, your equipment can become clogged, which may lead to decreased efficiency or even…
Understanding LDAR Requirements for Refinery Operations

Understanding LDAR Requirements for Refinery Operations

Did you know that there are rules and regulations for all three elements of your LDAR program? Learn more about LDAR requirements for refinery operations.
LDAR database

Chateau Mobile Updates

GENERAL Tapping the hardware back button while on the home page no longer leaves the app on a white screen. If user was on a screen in Chateau Mobile that did not have a back button at the top and they used the hardware back button, the…


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