PHX42™ With Zero Oxygen Mode FID

Based on the innovative design of the phx42, we are now able to configure phx42 to do VOC sampling in low oxygen or NO oxygen environments such as Nitrogen pad, Carbon Canisters, VOC Tank Inspections, and MSS Permit Inspections.

When set to Zero Oxygen Mode, the phx42 can monitor components that were impossible to monitor before since there was insufficient oxygen available at the probe tip to sustain the hydrogen flame in the FID. This meant that the instrument was subject to nagging flameouts or unable to work at all.

This extraordinary feature is based on the following innovations:

  • We are bringing the oxygen for the hydrogen combustion through the scrubber attached directly to the unit.
  • We made special adjustments to the multiple flows into the detector.
  • Fine-tuned the hydrogen flow to the flame.
  • Modified the closed-loop controls for hydrogen pressure and pump levels to optimize control and accuracy.


Entirely controlled by a hand-held PDA. phx42 also includes powerful datalogging software that can be used to create electronic records of inspections.


Major improvements have been made to the control of Hydrogen. Manual adjustment will no longer be needed.


Responding to worldwide demand, that require expanded safety certifications, we are in the process of certifying the phx42 to 27 different standards.