Winter Weather Shipping Notice for 2/4/22, TLDR; It's cold in Texas.

Currently, we expect the warehouse to be open tomorrow, but FedEx Ground has announced they will be closed tomorrow (2/4) in Dickinson, TX due to the weather. FedEx Express or UPS have not made a decision. If you need something shipped today,…
phx42 broken filter removal

Broken Probe Tip Filter Removal Tech Tip

Breaking off the base of a probe tip phx42 filter can be frustrating but with the right removal procedure, you can quickly be back to work. Carefully use the tip of the pliers(LDAR #4217) to grab the outside of the plastic. Push the…
LDARtools staff

2022 Brings a Big Milestone. Over 2000 phx FID Analyzers Delivered.

We recently delivered the 2000th phx to a lucky customer. Needless to say, we are pretty excited about that. We would like to say thank you to all our suppliers, distributors, and most importantly, our customers.

Merry Christmas. We are talking a day off!

The Warehouse will be Closed on Christmas Eve (Friday, 12/24), but will be open on New Year's Eve (Friday, 12/31). MERRY CHRISTMAS!

2022 Price Updates

Price increases are not surprising. We have never had an across-the-board price increase. But that time has come. In spite of rising prices for virtually everything we need, we have continued to invest in making our products the most innovative…

New Pump Clamp Tool

Pump Clamp Tool When installing pumps in the phx42, there is a chance of breaking barbs and the pump clip. To make this process easier, we have added a new pump clamp tool to the pump assembly. This tool temporarily bends the tubing on the pump…

Office and Warehouse closed Tuesday 9/14 due to possible weather.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/14), the Warehouse will be closed. We will make a decision about Wednesday (9/15) on Wednesday morning. Wish us luck and stay dry yall!

787 phx42s and NONE in our Repair Lab

On August 30 we had another Zero phx FID Day in our lab! (Actually, we had one phx42 but since it was going to be an extended repair, we had provided a free loaner to the customer - so we smile and consider that a victory.) Normally, we would…


Please see this page from our friends over at Juniper Systems.


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