We are excited to celebrate our 100th installation of Calx.0!

We started with Cal2.0. Now we are on Cal5.0 – and getting better! This amazing milestone demonstrates our commitment to designing, building and supporting the best hardware and software in the LDAR industry. Since the first automatic calibration installation in 2007, we have worked diligently to improve our service and couldn’t be more proud to share this great achievement with all of you.

From Taunton, Maine, to Pine Bend, Minnesota through Texas to Long Beach, California up to Kenai, Alaska and stretching to Beijing, we are dedicated to providing you with first-class LDARtools’ hardware and software and a smile. 

100th Install

Please join the celebration by emailing your Calx.0 stories to sales@ldartools.com.

Make sure you include: “100th Calx.0 Install Celebration” in the subject line and the following in the email body:

  • Your Name

  • Physical Address

  • Company Name

  • How many Calx.0 friends will be joining you for the Celebration?

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