Deever, Graham* and Rex Shed Light on the

“50 Shades of LDAR Gra/ey” at ISA Conference in Denver

Together with Graham* Harris (Sage Environmental) and Deever Bradley (ERM), Rex Moses (President of LDARtools), turned the attention of the LDAR community to the ongoing process of identifying, evaluating and clarifying the most vexing LDAR questions with their joint presentation of the “50 Shades of LDAR Gra/ey.”

Following up on the initiation of the project at the 4C Conference earlier in 2016, Deever, Graham and Rex helped to clarify the previous questions and proposed a new set of questions to the LDAR elite gathered at the Denver Tech Center for the 2016 ISA Conference.

Amazingly, the concept of “graey areas” and working together to crystallize the questions and articulate the right answers became a virtual theme of the conference.
*Graham Harris is the highly esteemed God Father of LDAR otherwise known as “Buzz”.




If you would like to participate in this project (by suggesting relevant questions or offering your own insights on the current list) please contact Rex Moses at If you would like a copy of the Shades of Gra/ey Report, download below.

 Shades of LDAR Graey

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