The raffle was last year’s fall festival highlight. The grand prize: a Springfield Armory XDS 9mm Semi Auto pistol. It’s no surprise that everybody waited with bated breath as Rex Moses, LDARtools CEO and President, selected the winning ticket. The crowd was excited—hoping they would take home an expensive firearm.

Rex held the ticket and asked the crowd to raise their hands if they held tickets 500 to 510 (?). Our friend Robert Williams, ECS Sr. Specialist for TEAM Industrial Services, Inc, apparently held five. That’s a fifty percent chance of winning right there. But as raffles go, Rex knew that there’s still a chance that he might not win. So our magnanimous boss bargained.

Rex offered to buy Robert’s tickets for one hundred dollars. Robert refused, confident that he’d bag the prize. Rex was unrelenting and kept raising the amount until he offered a hundred for each ticket, which brings the total to 500 dollars. That’s half of the cost of the gun, but Robert wanted none of that.

Rex announced the winning number and the winner claimed the prize. Needless to say, a fifty percent chance may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Sharon Ochs, a family friend of the Moses’, took home the handgun, Rex got to keep his 500 dollars, and Robert Williams has a story to tell with a second shot at the grand prize this year on November 14.


The Fall Festival is almost here and we’re all excited to see everybody again. It’ll be just as fun (if not more so) and the prizes are going to be great! Come for the food and games, stay for the company.


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