As more and more friends and customers have begun to install and use Chateau, we have developed some really cool training aids. Now… we are ready to train YOU!

Join us at our corporate HQ for a full-day Chateau Training Class. Lunch will be provided.

LOGOf (3)When: Friday, April 28th – 9 AM

Where: 1102 Dickinson Ave – Dickinson, TX 77539

All Chateau Technical Advisors and current customers are invited. Space is limited so please let us know you are coming- right away.

You will learn not just how Chateau works but how YOU can use it- to solve some of your most vexing LDAR challenges.

Here’s just a partial list of training topics:

  1. How cool it is to have NO Features hidden behind RIGHT CLICKS.Build and Edit Rules and never have to apply a Rule to a component again.
  2. Easily modify a Rule to accomplish YOUR LDAR objectives- not someone else’s.
  3. Create and use Comp Types, Sub and SubSub Types and quickly customize the Chateau Picklists that are important to you. (There are 52 to choose from!)
  4. Use the 48 different M21Why and AVOWhy settings to take complete control over your scheduling and inspection Records.
  5. Manage your excess DTMs in seconds – in a way that makes what and why you are doing crystal clear to everyone: you, the technicians and your auditors.
  6. Create and customize any component property, leak or inspection report and export it to a beautiful Excel spreadsheet in seconds.
  7. Use Chateau’s AVO Wizard to manage AVO events the way you always wanted to- but never could.
  8. Use Chateau’s DOR Wizard to achieve complete control over your DOR process.
  9. Learn how Chateau automatically creates Detector-specific Tours.
  10. Learn how Chateau guarantees that you will never send two technicians to monitor on the same Tower again.
  11. Set Next Actions on Open Leaks so that you will always know the next things that should happen on a Leak AND how many days you have been waiting.

We hope to see you on Friday! RSVP at

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