LDARtools has a Certified Repair Technician for the Archer Field PC manufactured by Juniper System Inc, – Mike Anders. Mike is certified to service and repair the Archer Field PC to assembly level. Since being certified in March 2011, Mike has serviced/repaired more than 240 units for various customers from the United States to Taiwan. These LDAR dataloggers are being utilized in chemical plants and refineries owned by companies such as ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, DOW, and Paramount Petroleum to name a few. Most units serviced/repaired are FM Approved Non-Incendive for use in Class 1, Div 2 hazardous environments.

While we do our best to repair all units with 72 hours of arrival, sometimes this cannot be the case. For those occasions, LDARtools guarantees the following:

Repair Lead Times for standard warranty and charged repairs or upgrades are completed within 5-10 business days from arrival to the repair center (not including shipping time and time spent at OEM/reseller facilities if not shipped directly to the repair center). If this lead-time cannot be met, the customer will be notified and given other options. If you need the repair or upgrade sooner, LDARtools offers Archer Extended Warranty and Expedite Service programs to speed the repair, as explained on our web store.

Warranty of Service/Repair Provided:
After any repair has been completed, LDARtools warrants the parts and workmanship of the repair for 90-days. This includes product repairs that are performed during on-site visits and at the repair center. The repair warranty is limited to parts (e.g. components that were replaced in the unit) and labor for that specific previous repair. For example, if the product is returned within the 90-day repair warranty period and the subsequent repair is completely unrelated to the previous repair, it is charged (unless covered by another warranty policy). For a list of the repair warranty exclusions, please refer to exclusions stated by Juniper Systems standard warranty terms and conditions.

For repairs not covered under a warranty program, it is the customer`s responsibility to provide payment information once the reapir order has been processed via the LDARtools web store. If requested when submitting the RMA, a repair order estimate can be provided to the customer after the initial evaluation and prior to any repairs being completed. The repair technician will place the repair on HOLD until receiving the customer`s authorization to proceed with the repair.

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