We often get asked to summarize the best hardware and software tools for bid packages. Below is the summary of the current “state of the art”:

Calibration: Provide an automated method for calibrating and drifting analyzers both daily and quarterly. Defined as: Automatic Ignition, monitored analyzer warmup, hands-free gas application at controlled flow rates, automatic calculation of confirmation and drift percentages, and hands-free timing for response time determination.

Analyzer: Provide an FID analyzer with filter status notification, monitoring lockout if not calibrated, diagnostic logging, factory support for on-site repairs and a carry weight under 10lbs. Wireless re-ignition compatible.

Field LDAR Software: Provide a Windows Mobile software that includes: Automatic timed safety stops, deflection detection and monitoring time extension, GPS component vicinity location assistance, timed based bread-crumbing with component monitored logging, beacons for compontents to reference location without GPS signals, electronic tag maintenance logging, electronic AVO reporting, electronic OEL reporting, wireless reignition compatible.

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