Kevin Moses, Director of Operations, shares day one of his visit to Taiwan.

I am currently visiting Pantech in Taiwan to meet customers and train them on more advanced phx21 repairs. I arrived last night about midnight after 21 hours of travel.

So today we started our day at a gas station. Sniffing wells that would detect or rather collect leaking gas storage tanks. The regulations are quite strange, while we were only looking for gasoline, a FID, PID, and LEL must be used. Can anyone explain that?


After that we ate sushi for lunch- of the 5 of us that was supposed to make it only 3 did. We found this out after we ordered. It’s a long story, but basically it ends with me eating for 3. I was happy for a car ride afterwards, I slipped into a food coma that can only be compared to post Thanksgiving slumber.

In the afternoon I got to tour Pantech’s Taichung shop. Great place. Some photos:


 Above: Oscar Kuo. The owner of Pantech. Below: Hugo, one of the engineers.


For dinner we had Texas steak. There’s nothing Texas about it. In fact, they have just about every flag in the world flying from the ceiling, except the Texas flag. I’m going to send them one. Anyway…I got a nice medium rare steak- topped by a massive dose of fennel seeds. Very interesting.

While I ate a steak and clean my plate . The night is young and there more food to eat. It’s time we go shrimping…actually I’m not sure if its shrimping or fishing for shrimp. That’s right, we used a fishing pole (with the words smallest hook) in a saltwater swimming pool to catch massive shrimp. Best part, we the worlds smallest shrimp as bait. Because no activity is complete without food, we had to stop on the way there to get Gua bao– so good.


Good night all. The future is bright.

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