Help us find a North American Business Development Manager for phx42 and Software Sales.

We know that we have already sold out the first two month’s production of phx42, but we are looking for a world-class professional salesman to be our North American Business Development Manager.

If you know anyone who might fit the bill, we want to say “Thank You” by paying you a Thank You! Fee of up to $3,000.

LDARtools will pay a $1,000 Thank You! Fee to you if:

  1.     You recommend someone with whom we have not already spoken.
  2.     You arrange for that person to submit a resume to us.
  3.     That person is hired, for this position, and remains employed for 30 days.

 LDARtools will pay an additional $2,000 to you on the 90th day of this person’s employment in this position.

For more information, questions, suggestions, candidates, job description or compensation potential email

Thank you!

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