We think the ability to repair your phx21 LDAR analyzer is one of the most exciting parts of owning a phx21. While some other portable FID manufacturers get rich repairing their analyzers, we believe that creating value and growing with happy customers is the path to our success.

Let’s take a look at a typical phx21 repair.

Step 1. Report an issue at LDARtools.com. This report will include the serial number of the phx21, serial number of any on site replaceable part and a log file.

Step 2. An LDARtools Support Tech will contact you after reviewing the log file from your phx21. This log file records everything happening inside your phx21 every 2 seconds and allows us to make very accurate assessments of the health of any phx21. Let’s say your phx21 has a worn out pump and the phx21 pump is under warranty.

Step 3. LDARtools will send you a pump (almost always the same day!). The phx21 warranty even includes shipping to you.

Step 4. You receive the pump (kit shown on right) and install it using the procedure outlined in the manual (starts on page 3-6).

Step 5. When we send the replacement part, we also email a RMA for the pump. This gives return shipping instructions for the old broken part. Basically, you have 3 weeks to ship us this old part back.

Step 6. Celebrate! Not only is your phx21 back up and working, your repair was authorized by the manufacturer and your phx21 is still INTRINSICALLY SAFE!

Because we know that keeping your phx21 up and running is important to you, we try to do everything we can to maximize reliability and uptime. One of the things we do to maximize uptime is our warranty restart program. It goes like this, say you purchase spare parts from our KOS (Keep on Site) list but you don’t use them right away. Most companies would start the warranty on the shipment day, but not LDARtools. Simply shoot us an email with the serial number of the part you installed on the day you installed it, and we will reset your warranty for that part.

Questions? Just give us a call or click below to set up a demo. I am excited about how our customers are using the LDARtools products to change the LDAR industry and I am eager to share their stories with you.

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