Tim Reynolds joined LDARtools back in May when we were ramping up our phx21 production to meet the growing demand.

His experiences at NASA (18 years supporting astronaut training) and Baylor College of Medicine (11 years as Systems Admin/Lab Manager) taught him multitasking, essential machine shop skills, and increased technical experience with a variety of equipment and tools. He is in a unique position to help the LDAR Think Tank make and improve our devices.

Asked how it’s been so far, he says:

“It’s been great! We’re a small tight group that functions as a team. Everybody helps each other and the camaraderie is very visible. I like being recognized as an individual and not just a number.”

Tim enjoys SCUBA diving, improving his bush craft skills, and stomping around on his snowshoes at high-altitudes. Rex really likes the bumper sticker that he sports on the back of his yellow jeep: God bless our troops… especially the snipers.


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