LDARtools is proud to have been the only off-site factory authorized repair center for HAZLOC (Class 1 Div. 2) repairs on Juniper Systems’ Mesas and Archer 2s and previously Archer Field PCs.  This designation was the result of an exhaustive process of training, auditing, inventory management and certification.  

The cost and time to maintain LDARtools as an off-site repair center is no longer justified. LDARtools will be phasing out of our role in this process. We will do all that we can to make the transition as convenient as possible for our customers.

We are proud of the 9 years of successful repairs on Juniper products and regret this inevitable development. We will still provide Juniper handhelds and accessories to our customers. 

From now until Nov 1, 2019, we will continue to process repairs on Archer 2s and Mesas at our office in Dickinson, Texas. We will forward the handhelds to Juniper Systems, arrange for the repairs and we will handle all the invoicing. As needed, we will work with our customers to set up an account directly with Juniper Systems to facilitate the repairs. As of Nov 1st, all HAZLOC repairs on Juniper products will have to be handled directly with Juniper Systems at their repair facility in Logan, Utah.

If you would like to begin the process of setting up a vendor arrangement with Juniper Systems immediately, you can contact Janice Field at janice@junipersys.com or 435-753-1881. Of course, if you have questions that we can help you with, please contact us at support@LDARtools.com.

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