Just before the year draws to close, we have a couple of things to tell you!

First off, Juniper Systems ends the year with a bang. The Archer 2 has received its Class 1 Div 2 certification, allowing it to be used for your LDAR program without the need for a hot permit.

The Archer 2 brings faster processing and better usability to the table. Your technicians now have a handy and reliable tool to complete their monitoring tasks.

Here’s Cris Cruz, IPREMS’ Purchasing Director, receiving one of the first shipments of Archer 2s from our very own Erica Gentry (LDARtools’ Sales and Purchasing Manager).


Secondly, we’ve also been busy promoting and expanding the reach of LDARtools. In partnership with Sage Environmental, we visited Germany for the Valve World Expo (December 2-4, 2014). We had many inquiries about the phx21’s functionality, the LDAR industry here in the US, and the expanding equipment leak requirements in Europe.

Here’s a breakdown of the presentations we’ve had:

  • Getting the most out of the site’s LDAR program
  • Assessing field emissions and performance of plant equipment
  • Innovative applications of LDAR program data
  • Updates on the impact and overlap of the EPA Low-E requirements on the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries subject to the US FDA requirements for valve and processing equipment


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