20170406_151543optFrom left to right: Warren Pilkerton, Gu Min, Ed Quick, Zhu Shan and Tim Reynolds.It is our pleasure to welcome the staff of LDARtools China to our headquarters in Dickinson, Texas. We are hosting them for a 2-week training class on market development and Level 2 Training to support a full-scale LDARtools repair facility in Suzhou, China to provide world-class support to the 280 phx21 that have been purchased and deployed in China.

The only frustration is that, during the Level 2 repair training process; we keep running out of phx21s to repair!

Of course, that is actually a really cool thing. The China team wanted to have their photo taken with the empty repair board. That means that they have, indeed, captured the spirit of LDARtools: happy customers with phx21s that are working!

We are doing our best to NOT spend every spare moment sharing our excitement about phx42- because we aren’t announcing anything specific about that- YET!

Stay tuned.

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