Ali McCarty joins LDARtools as our Marketing Assistant.

She’s a military brat who finished her Geoscience degree at the University of Lafayette in Louisiana and has recently moved to Houston, with her husband, Scott. “I’ve had different jobs in education, management, and customer service,” she says, but her experience as a Coast Guard Marine Science Technician with knowledge of petroleum facilities makes her suited for her new role.

When Ali is off work, she’s “in Louisiana for Coast Guard training or down in Corpus Christi visiting family.”

Aside from building an awesome robot* “one of my most rewarding accomplishments is that I had the honor of being a part of marching in the Bataan Memorial Death March in New Mexico,” she says. “My Coast Guard unit in Louisiana created a team to march in the 26.2-mile event in full uniform. It was a humbling experience to learn of the sacrifice the POWs made.”

*As a part of our application process, we ask everyone** to build a robot that can pick up a gourd and move it 36 inches before placing it back down. Ali’s was so extraordinary that we are not posting it to our website. It was so cool, that we will use it as the “secret benchmark” for all future applicants!

**Except professional developers. We ask them to solve clever programming challenges.

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