chrisgonzalesChris Gonzales is the newest member of our elite team of software developers.

Chris brings with him years of experience and a degree in computer science. “I have been working in Houston as a consultant with clients such as Chevron and Shell, customizing trade software,” says Chris. One of his greatest achievements came from that work: “I wrote a screen that captures all fees related to Shell refined products in the US for the Shell Blueprint project (around $4B/month).”

As a valuable member of LDARtools, he hopes to do his part to bring Freedom and Chateau to market and make them the industry standard tools to use.

Outside of work, Chris is into cycling, (he rode in the MS150 in 2016, a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society), hiking and video games with some mobile app development on the side.

“One of my biggest life accomplishments is that I am an Eagle Scout,” he says.

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