Chris Ledbetter, our Director of Software and Development, is a handy man. Armed with two engineering degrees (electrical and software), he’s been writing code since 1998 and building circuits when he was just 15. “It’s all just a puzzle, whether I sit down to design a board or write an application,” says Chris.

Here at the Think Tank, he’s holed up in his office making the best possible version of our LDARtools software. During his spare time at home, he’s playing inventor / mad scientist. His current project: an Arduino-driven process instrumentation device, a complex thermostat he built to control much more complicated gadgets.

The man just really enjoys hardware and software.

So what brought him to LDARtools? “I like what we’re doing here,” says Chris. “One time, I’d like to just go to the shop and watch them build the machines.” We think he wants to try his hand at building his own phx21.

If he’s not busy, we might just let him.


Chris Ledbetter and his wife, Peta

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