The LDARtools warehouse is the heart of StoreLDAR. From here, we provide equipment and all the assorted parts you’ll need at your facility.

To serve you better, we asked David Munguia, LDARtools’ Shipping and Receiving Manager, for pointers on getting your order as soon as possible:

On Warranty Orders:

If you see a price on a warranty order, it’s because you have to send the CORE part back to LDARtools. Returning the CORE in a timely manner saves you from paying for the replacement part.


On Support Cases:

To avoid extra handling fees, submit a support case on the LDARtools website ( and get LDARtools Support’s authorization before sending the part or equipment in.

On Shipped Packages:

Include the “CORE” report or the RMA paperwork we gave you. It helps when we know why the equipment has been sent in.

On PO Information:

Send POs to StoreLDAR ( rather than an individual. It will speed up processing.

Got a topic we didn’t cover? Send an email to StoreLDAR ( or call 1-877-788-1110 ext 730.

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