Since joining the LDARtools team a year ago, I have seen a lot of changes in the company. Our growth has been tremendous! We’ve assembled a great in-house software development team to support our existing products and develop new programs. Now, we’re working on a new calibration device and even more innovative applications.

After spending 18 years working for a government agency, the difference is as clear as night and day.

In the government, making a simple software change could take weeks or even longer. Now at LTI, while testing new products for our customers in the Production/Repair shop, if I want something changed to make it easier for the end-users it’s a simple walk through the building and a short talk with the developers. After an hour, the changes are loaded and ready for testing.

As a repair technician (and a former Systems Administrator), the speed with which we can deliver fixes and repairs to any product, hardware or software, is paramount. I see our software team being more than ready to meet and exceed that challenge for our current and future products.

The LDAR Think Tank’s software team is ready to create state-of-the-art, user-friendly and productive tools for all our customers. We, both LDARtools and our customers, are all looking for better ways to improve the LDAR industry’s monitoring and data collection.

Tim Reynolds

LDARtools_Software_Development_Team2From left to right: Marian Regan, Philip Trevino and Chris Ledbetter

**We’ve featured Chris Ledbetter, our Director of Software and Development, on the blog before. We’ve still got several people lined up for our LDARtools Employee Spotlight, so watch this space!

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