We are excited to announce a new job opening!

Job Title(s): Shipping Specialist
Job Summary: Minimal Qualifications:
1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Read, write and speak English.
3. Ability to pass a drug screen and background check.
4. Advanced computer skills.

Work Schedule:
1. Required to work 5 days per week, and achieve 40 hours. Work hours are 8 am to 5 pm.
Essential Job Tasks:
1. Manage, create, package and ship all web store orders.
2. Keep web store inventory organized and clean.
3. Willingness to learn and master varies shipping companies; UPS, DHL, FedEx. Prior shipping experience preferred.
4. Ship any outbound items.
5. Prepare all Will Call orders.
6. Handle any documentation require for web store orders.
7. Create orders using Network Solutions online store.
8. Assist in general inventory maintenance.
9. Assist with quality control of incoming products.
10. Assist in web store maintenance.
11. Assist management in applicable task.


Maintains professional demeanor in work environment.

Cognitive Requirements:
1. Carry out given instructions.
2. Listen to understand and learn.
3. Write effectively in the languages in which business is conducted.
4. Think critically and act logically to evaluate situations, solve problems and make decisions.
5. Use technology, instruments, tools and information systems effectively.
6. Willingness to continue to learn.

To apply:
Email resume to jobs@ldartools.com. Include resume text in the body of the email, do not attach it. Also include the answer (at the top of your email) to the following question: What is the cost to rent an Archer Field PC for One Month? Hint: see our webstore.

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