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Hello from LDARtools Repair Shop,

Here’s a quick tip to avoid a costly mistake to your phx21 and your charger. When connecting the charger to the phx21, always line the charger up correctly before trying to insert and make a connection.


If too much pressure is applied and the charger is not lined up, you can break the charger pins on the charging bulkhead on the phx21. Remember that the charger is screwed onto the phx21, never try to remove the charger by pulling. I also recommend checking your charger weekly to ensure that there no damage to the cord.

Correctly connecting the charger may seem like a simple step, but if the charger is not connected correctly valuable monitoring time and money could be lost. Don’t forget we recommend that you charge to phx21 daily for 10 hours (plug in when you are headed home for the day) to achieve a full charge.

If you have any repair, maintenance, or preventative maintenance questions that you would like our techs to address, please feel free to email us at

Until next time,

Connor O’Keefe

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