How a 5-Minute Quick Solution will keep your phx21™ in the field longer

LDARtools’ highly trained technicians work on hundreds of phx21 analyzers in the course of a year. This is what the professionals had to say about maintaining your ph21.

So, while there are no perfect scenarios, we believe we can help you improve your LDAR program with some quick simple tips.

Let’s start with the good news; over one third, thirty-eight percent (38%), of all phx21s sent in for repairs were due to normal wear and tear. In other words, the Technicians in the field are doing everything correctly, however, in these cases, the repairs were above Level 1 Training. The pie chart below illustrates the data collected from our quarterly report.

Q1 Corrective Action Report

The #1 most important thing you can do to prolong the use of your phx21

A third of the phx21s that visited our shop this quarter were due to filter and O-ring abuse. Performing a quick visual inspection of probe O-rings and inlet filters before going in the field will keep your phx21s in the field longer!

Tech Tip: O-rings (LDAR #918) and Inlet Filter (LDAR #825) can be easily misplaced or damaged. Keep plenty around. The phx21™ User Manual (Version 12.3, pg. 11)

Perform visual inspections of probe O-rings and inlet filters before going in the field.

Dirty Inlet Filter #2

Secondly, properly applying silicone grease (LDAR #881) to probe O-rings on a weekly basis will prevent cracking.

pasted image 0

Trust your handheld when it tells you to replace probe filter, the phx21 PDA app will automatically display warning signs if the filter needs attention.


Don’t forget to perform these quick 5-minute inspections of your filters and O-rings and keep your phx21 in the field longer!

Congratulations to everyone that maintains their phx21 in tip-top shape!


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