We are developing a phx21 Best Practices Score Sheet and in the process, we received a great idea from Brian W. of TEAM Furmanite.

phx21 chargers can stop charging early if they are plugged in while the machine is still on, then laterturned off. Brian uses an electronic timerthat power cycles the charger after everyone has gone home for the day. This guarantees that the charger sees the actual battery voltage when it boots up and is not confused by the load of the machine.

We have added Timer for Charger (phx21) – LDAR# 1787 to for your convenience.
Any power outlet timer, which is easily found locally or online, can be used.

While an automated charger power cycle setup such as this is not required to have a properly working phx21, it is easy to forget to cycle the chargers after a long day. Besides, we love automation!

Remember, the phx21 must be turned off at the end of the day to charge the battery.

To be fair, we have seen a few sites do this, but Brian was the first. Thanks to all of you. Please don’t hesitate to share all your great ideas with us by emailing These ideas are the fuel to innovation.

Be on the look out for the phx21 Best Practices Score Sheet! It will include things like fill unit with Hydrogen at the end of the day, leave probe attached while filling, and more, that will keep your program running smoothly and efficiently.



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