There are 615 phx21 in the field; ZERO in for Repair!

As of 10:30 AM, May 5, 2015, there were ZERO phx21s in our phx21 Repair Center in Dickinson, Texas.

group_pic-sizedv2rostermikeThe photo of the phx21 team and the Repair Board (which is actually a monitor that displays our state-of-the-art equipment management software) tell the story: 615 phx21s in the field and not a single one in for repair. The only item displayed is one of our fleet units that has just come back from a rental and was being put through our 7-hour QC process. (You can see this in the insert of the screen itself.)


Click the image for a larger version.

One of the primary reasons that LDARtools invested so heavily in the phx21 (six years ago!) was that we wanted to build an LDAR analyzer designed to work AND be easily repaired, onsite, by a trained phx21 Technician. Getting that unit (and its associated Technician) back to work was one of our key priorities. Over the years, we have made critical changes to our process that have advanced that objective.

And today, it is realized: 615 phx21 in the field – ZERO in for repair.

So… we are going to have a celebration. And you are invited. Stay tuned.

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