Imagine our excitement when we learned that one of our favorite phx21s, phx21-1071, was coming back to see us! (Actually, it was coming in for a repair, but it had been soooo long since we had seen it (and it was only a minor repair) it was more like a homecoming celebration.)

Imagine, too, how delighted we were when we figured out that the man who actually built phx21-1071, Steve Magnan, was still here. That meant that we were in for a very special reunion.

spreadphx21-1071 wanted to have its photo taken with the original phx21 team from way back then. After, it was time for a quiet visit between Steve and phx21-1071, out by Lake LDAR. It was a beautiful day and a very special time. We were able to listen in on the conversation.

pic3Steve: Dude, 1071, it is sooo good to see you.

1071: I know Steve. I thought maybe I would never see you again.

Steve: It has been a long time.

1071: Just like yesterday when you put me in that pelican case and shipped me out to California.

Steve: How do you like California?

1071: California is cool. Weather is great. But, well, you know. It’s not Texas.

Steve: What have you been up to out there?

1071: Steve, chill out, man. You KNOW what I have been up to. LDAR, man! 24-7! Monitoring, finding leaks, getting calibrated, on-site repairs, pump-throttling, firing up that glow plug—you know the drill: what you made me for.

Steve: *Chuckle*

1071: Steve, level with me. After the work you guys did on me, why do I feel so, so, so… Invigorated? You know?

Steve: It’s because we have updated you, my friend. You have been upgraded.

1071: Updated? What’s up with that?

Steve: Since you were made, the LDARtools R&D team has learned some new stuff and made some improvements. Sort of like a makeover. You’ve got a bigger, more stable regulator and a completely new set of internal Teflon tubing which is much more resistant to chemical breakdown.

1071: Cool. Thank you. Now… it’s time, isn’t?

Steve: Time for what?

1071: Time for the pelican case thing and back to California.

Steve: Right. Going to miss you, dude. Sure you want to go back?

1071: Steve. Seriously? I was made for Method 21. California is Method 21 Nation. How can I NOT go back?

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