Since June 26, the Spanbox5s that are capable and configured to report to our servers, have reported the results of 288 Drift Assessments. 

Of these 288 Drifts, 287 passed. That is a 99.65% success rate.

Of course, we are shooting for 100%, so we are determined to learn from the single failure.

It happened on July 2 and the issue was not reported as a problem to our Tech Support group. When I called the Site Supervisor (to see what we could learn), he was quick to tell me “don’t get me to say anything bad about our phx42s. We love those things.”

I left it at that, and asked our support group to track this a little more closely (and more quickly) the next time.

For today, we are celebrating a 99.65% success rate!

This achievement is a result of the superior design of the phx42 AND the extraordinary onsite maintenance of the Level 1 Techs and probe management and handling of all the phx42s users.  

Congratulations to all of our users who continue to make the phx42 system the standard of the LDAR industry!

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