Our partners at Juniper Systems have provided us here at LDARtools valuable feedback to the sometimes dreaded project of applying a screen protector to mobile handhelds.  We have all experienced the damage caused to touchscreens during LDAR monitoring when a screen protector is not properly installed…let’s reduce the repair costs and downtime by doing it the right way, showed to us by the developer themselves.


Have you ever tried to apply a screen protector—whether on your rugged handheld computer, your phone, or another device—and you ended up with a scattering of those little annoying bubbles all over the screen? Uggghh… so annoying, right? And when you’ve got a piece of equipment as nice as a Juniper rugged handheld, it’s almost insulting to think of marring that flawlessly smooth screen with bubble blemishes. So today, I’m including a video on how to apply a screen protector—the right way! The way that will minimize bubbles and leave you feeling proud of the way your rugged handheld looks, and not feeling like you’re five years old again, holding up that raggedy cross-eyed yarn puppet that you made and saying, “Look Ma, look what I made!”


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