Thank you all for being the best part of our Brownie Celebration. As you know, we started this tradition back in May 2015 when Rex had the idea of rewarding technicians for helping us clear our phx21 Maintenance Board. We have celebrated many Brownie Celebrations due to our experienced Level 1 Certified Repair Techs, enhanced automated support system, and improved technician training methods. When a Brownie Celebration is announced we take a head count of technicians at phx21 sites and celebrate with you by mailing out brownies!

6th BC final numbers v2


Over the years we have shipped out over 10,000 brownies to hundreds of customers and had lots of fun doing it! Nothing makes us happier than to see our customers enjoying the brownies! So a special thank you to Wayland and his team at Arkema-Clear Lake for sharing their picture with us!

Keep a lookout for the next Brownie Celebration and don’t forget to share, your picture with us!

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