Last year, we had some of our attendees take an IQ test sprinkled with really interesting stuff about LDARtools. There were questions like “how many outs in an inning?” (The answer is NOT ‘3.’) and “how many chickens do we have?”

It was also fun to see how much our customers and family knew.

We’ve kept the leaderboard up for almost a year because it’s not just a list of the top 10 smartest people. The best part of the list is that it represents the history and the heart of LDARtools: the developers of phx21, computer programmers, patent lawyers, family members and LOTS of clients.

After all, that’s what LDARtools is all about.

One thing became very clear: IPREMS and TEAM were and are the LDARtools Think Tank knowledge experts. Jeff Diehl, Karl Shultz and Jennifer Bagott took three of the top 10 spots, with TEAM not too far behind. Who will lead this year? Can IPREMS be stopped?

Thanks to everyone who participated last year and making plans to be here again, on November 14!

  1. James Carlson, Patent Attorney (Everybody needs at least one!)
  2. Kevin Moses, Father of phx21 (LDARtools)
  3. Jeremy Bolinger, The (other) Father of phx21 (LDARtools)
  4. Jeff Diehl, IPREMS
  5. Cameron O’Keefe, Computer Programmer (LDARtools)
  6. Jesse Grice, TEAM
  7. Jennifer Bagott, IPREMS
  8. Nicola Richardson, Rex’s Sister
  9. Robert Williams, TEAM
  10. Karl Shultz, IPREMS


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