LDAR database


  • Tapping the hardware back button while on the home page no longer leaves the app on a white screen. If user was on a screen in Chateau Mobile that did not have a back button at the top and they used the hardware back button, the app would just display a white screen. The user would then have to stop the app and relaunch for it to work again.
  • Updated text in various places from Freedom to Chateau Mobile. We missed a few places when we did the name change apparently so just updating them.
  • Resolved issues with the backups not saving to the SD card when present. This has been tested and verified working on the Archer 3, Kyocera DuraForce 2, Samsung tablet running Android OS 6.0, and Samsung tablet OS 12. It may not work on every manufacturers Android devices as each manufacturer can change file saving. To verify your handhelds are saving correctly to the SD card if it is not one of the four devices listed above, please refer to the Retrieving Data from SD Card article.
  • Users will now be prompted to update from Chateau Moible when there is a new version available. When the app is launched it will prompt the user to update, if the Google Playstore is installed on the handheld then it will navigate them to Chateau mobile in the Playstore to update. If Google Playstore is not installed, such as on the Archer 3’s, then it will open the web browser with a download link from LDARtools’ Sharefile to download and install. Users will be forced to update if there is a compatibility issue before they can check out on the Sync screen. Users will be able to check in data without updating.


  • All required properties that are also Flag properties are now verified they have a value before allowing technician to save a component on the Documenting grid. When a required property was a flag property previously this verification was not being performed which caused issues with saving components when a required property on the flag was overlooked and didn’t get a value.


  • The FixTag reconciliation dialog will now open.


  • Technicians can now record that they are using an extension probe with an analyzer and all inspections performed with the analyzer will be marked as having been performed with an extension probe. On the Analyzer details screen when the technician first connects to the analyzer there is now a Probe Type dropdown. Technician can select Extension probe or Standard if needed, it defaults to Standard. Technician can return to the screen to update this value as needed. If extension probe is chosen, all M21 inspections performed with this analyzer will be marked with probe type = extension probe. This option is also available when entering PPM manually.