Entries by Kevin Moses

Office Closure 8/26 and 8/27

The LDARtools Office and Repair Lab in Dickinson, TX will be closed Wednesday 8/26 and Thursday 8/27 due to Hurricane Laura. Any orders that need to be filled prior to 8/28 must be submitted to store@ldartools.com no later than noon today (Tuesday 8/25). Stay Safe!

phx42 Filter Detection/Filter Update

Over the course of the last several months, we have determined that we could improve the operation of our filter removal detection feature. We have decided to replace our current 1 – micron probe tip filters (LDAR#25) with a newly designed .22 micron filter (LDAR#4236) that looks very similar but with an updated label and […]

Anthony Scarborough Named phx42 Repair Lab Manager

Since joining LDARtools in January, Anthony as distinguished himself in every way possible. He has made significant contributions to our quality control processes and played a key role in supporting and encouraging everyone associated with our phx42 production and repair process. He was appointed the Interim Lab Managers on May 11th. In that role, he […]


It’s That Time Again…… Help Us Celebrate Our 11th BROWNIE CELEBRATION! NO phx21 or phx42’s in our Repair lab on June 18, 2020. This is our fourth Brownie Celebration since introducing phx42. We are so excited! Thank you to all the phx21 & phx42 Level 1 Techs and users. Continued teamwork and diligence, makes this all possible. […]

LDARtools staying safe for these Corona Days

Even though we are all staying especially safe during these strange days, we still thought that it would be good together to count our blessings and send this special message out to all of our friends. So we stayed six feet apart and outdoors and smiled and waved!  Best wishes to you all!