What is a probe integrity inspection?

A probe integrity inspection is used to identify leaks too small to be detected during the probe block step of the self-check.

It involves connecting an ignited phx42 to a supply of zero air and running an alcohol-based wipe along the whole length of the probe, while watching the handheld for deflection.


When should a probe integrity inspection be performed?

The best practice is to conduct a probe integrity inspection every week and/or

anytime you have a drift/calibration failure or suspect a probe problem.


A probe integrity inspection is NOT…

  • A visual inspection
  • Blocking the probe tip
  • Swapping a suspected leaking probe with a “known” good probe

When should I use a Probe Testing Adapter?

You should use the Probe Testing Adapter (LDAR#4300) when a filter error is not resolved by following the on-screen prompts during a self-check.


Want more info, procedure and video? Download the full Tech Tip here. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Annual phx Tech Tip Contest. We had great inquiries, and have found our top three winners.

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phx42 Charger Care

It is important to remember when unplugging the phx42 charger to pull by the charger connector only, and never by the power cord itself.
Continuous pulling on the cord will sever it from the charger connector (shown below-right).

By disconnecting the charger via the charger connector, as it was designed, you can prolong the life of your phx42 charger and avoid needing replacements due to damage.
Note: Due to the location of the charger port, the Bluetooth® antenna may interfere with disconnecting the charger when using your right hand. If you find this to be an issue, you can either use your left hand to remove the charger or rotate the phx42 180° to allow for easier access.

To get a pretty printable pdf, click here.

The self-check in the phxApp is used to anticipate critical issues with your phx42.

We recommend performing a self-check to diagnose, anticipate, and correct any problems that may occur with the phx42. If your phx42 requires an RMA, the diagnosis provided by the self-check will help us return your phx42 as soon as possible.

How often should you run self-checks with phxApp?

Self-check with the phxApp regularly allows you to:
•Verify the health of the unit
•Transfer logs (limit length)
•Calibrate your filter detection
•Report an issue if any operating parameter is out of range

To get a pretty printable pdf, click here.

Breaking off the base of a probe tip phx42 filter can be frustrating but with the right removal procedure, you can quickly be back to work.

  1. Carefully use the tip of the pliers(LDAR #4217) to grab the outside of the plastic.
  2. Push the ends of the pliers firmly into place.
  3. Spin the plastic counterclockwise to screw it out of the filter base.

Important: Make sure not to touch the center tapered post. If this portion gets scratched or marred, it will need to be replaced.

For a printable version of this procedure, click here.

phx42 broken filter removal