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B.L.E.W.S. 2024 Symposium

Sponsored by LDARtools, the B.L.E.W.S. 2024 Symposium is set to be a worthwhile destination for ongoing environmental education and networking opportunities in the environmental sector. This must-attend, professional event will focus on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to: Regulatory Updates Dos and Don’ts of LDAR and BWON Peer-to-Peer Networking The symposium will […]

Closed for Good Friday

LDARtools will be closed Friday March 29, 2024 in recognition of Good Friday. We will be conducting normal business operations Thursday March 28 and Monday April 1.

Taking Advantage of Component Prompts in Chateau

Component Prompts have been added under Field Events for a few months now. Thanks to the input and requests from our customers, we have realized just how versatile this tool is. We are excited to share some of the applications with you! To ensure certain components are properly monitored: To meet the safety standards: When […]


Chateau Drain Inspection Features

If you have drains in your component inventory, it’s now time to see how conveniently you can manage them in Chateau! You simply add potential reasons for failed drain inspections in AvoType, under Settings > Picklists, Category=Inspections. Remember to reorganize the rank so the most frequently chosen options will appear at the top. Now, when […]

17th Brownie Celebration – No phxs in for Repair

On February 22, 2024, there were NO phx21s or phx42s in our repair lab. Thank you to all the phx21 and phx42 Level 1 Techs and users. As a result of continued teamwork and diligence, this is all possible. We hope you’ll be a part of this celebration! Click here to RSVP by March 20th. You can […]


117 Chateau Databases In Use

In 2023, we closed out the year with 117 Chateau Databases in use, including full-scale LDAR management, Cal5.0 support, and ongoing SmartFlag projects. Join us in celebrating this pivotal moment as we continue to redefine industry standards and create products that support our customers and their LDAR programs.

Ignoring Prompts Can Lead to Contamination

Contamination is a costly phx42 repair. To avoid contamination, you can follow these best practice steps: Weekly probe integrity inspection Daily self-check if not running Cal5.0 Always have a filter installed during ignition Then, PAY ATTENTION TO THE PROMPTS! After attempting to ignite 3 times, run a self-check. Disregarding prompts may damage the phx42. If you […]

2024 Price Update

Price increases are not surprising. In spite of rising prices for virtually everything we need, we have continued to invest in making our products the most innovative and valuable tools for the LDAR industry. The time to reckon with those costs has come. Effective January 1, 2024, there will be a less than 10% increase […]


phx42 Surpasses phx21

On November 21, 2023, we shipped the 1,226th phx42, surpassing the total number of phx21s (1,225) sold during its lifetime. As of November 30, 2023, we have shipped 1,242 phx42s. Amazingly, it took us 108 months to sell those phx21s, and only 69 months to sell the same number of our newest model. Needless to […]