Contamination is a costly phx42 repair. To avoid contamination, you can follow these best practice steps:

  1. Weekly probe integrity inspection

  2. Daily self-check if not running Cal5.0

  3. Always have a filter installed during ignition


After attempting to ignite 3 times, run a self-check. Disregarding prompts may damage the phx42.

If you are running non-LDARtools monitoring software, you may not see the prompts mentioned above. To remediate this, you can install Firmware 5.192, which will allow you to see these numbered error PPM codes:

PPM Displayed Means…
-40 Pump at max power for too long, report the issue.
-41 Probe Flow is blocked. Check Probe / Change Filter.
-42 Feels like you just removed my filter. Please give me a fresh filter so we can get back to work.
-45 Looks like we just found a high PPM leak. Wait 30 seconds and reignite me. (Chamber overtemp)
-46 Trying to ignite! If 3rd attempt fails, report the issue.

Contact with any questions or report an issue (we like logs!).

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