What is a probe integrity inspection?

A probe integrity inspection is used to identify leaks too small to be detected during the probe block step of the self-check.

It involves connecting an ignited phx42 to a supply of zero air and running an alcohol-based wipe along the whole length of the probe, while watching the handheld for deflection.


When should a probe integrity inspection be performed?

The best practice is to conduct a probe integrity inspection every week and/or

anytime you have a drift/calibration failure or suspect a probe problem.


A probe integrity inspection is NOT…

  • A visual inspection
  • Blocking the probe tip
  • Swapping a suspected leaking probe with a “known” good probe

When should I use a Probe Testing Adapter?

You should use the Probe Testing Adapter (LDAR#4300) when a filter error is not resolved by following the on-screen prompts during a self-check.


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