Last weekend we updated our Chateau Cloud and posted a new version of Freedom to the Google Play Store.

The update involved Improvements, modifications, simplifications have been made in the following areas:

1. Close LeakWhy Picklist in Builder
2. Certification picklist in Builder
3. Owners Porches
4. DOR Wizard
5. Home Screen
6. Parameter options (including Process Units) on all reports
7. Additional Reports
8. Optimized Report generation speed
9. Added Calibration Reports
10. Buddy Mode Functionality
11. Manufacturer handling
12. Adding documents to Component Record
13. AVO Wizard
14. Ability to Save/Export pictures from OGI Picture Audits
15. Component Inspection Grid
16. Detector and Stream process
17. Optimize import from other software
18. Bar code handling
19. Optimize query time
20. TUiS and TUP handling
21. Added :”Isolated” Property and Porches and other new properties
22. Tour building and handling
23. Search function in Freedom
24. “Load” button on all data grids with a date range
25. Add Loc Description to right side of leak Grid
26. Added more properties to Component Grid
27. Speed up loading Inspection Request grid
28. Option created to make Process Unit a required field.
29. Add “Select All” option for each lookup property on the new Query
30. Set Tours to display in Tag Number order or Route Sequence Order
31. Ability to add a comment to Calibration Records

Complete release notes are found in the following link:

If you would like to see more information on other improvements and enhancements made, just let us know.

Thanks, again, to all our friends who have made this progress possible!

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