The SpanBox is an innovative relay/solenoid box controlled by a tablet in kiosk mode, designed to replace traditional gas bags filled with compressed air/methane for instrument calibration. This revolutionary technology eliminates the need for stopwatches, clipboards, and forms, making it easier to calibrate phx21 and phx42 analyzers. The SpanBox increases productivity and reduces the risk of Clean Air Act compliance violations.

Available Models

There are three SpanBox models to choose from based on the number of analyzers and calibration gases required:

  1. SpanBox5: 6 analyzers, 6 calibration gases
  2. SpanBox510: 1 analyzer, 5 calibration gases
  3. SpanBox530: 3 analyzers, 5 calibration gases

Please note that the number of calibration gases needed is determined by the regulations applicable to your facility, and LDARtools cannot make that determination.


For the recommended large bottle setup, you can use either a dual-stage regulator or purchase LDAR# 5199 for each calibration gas if you are using C-10 disposable cylinders. The latter option includes all necessary supplies for your SpanBox and is typically used indoors.

Electrical Requirements

  1. phx42: Each phx42 analyzer requires a conventional outlet, powered by AC/DC Wall-Warts.
  2. SpanBox: Each SpanBox needs two power outlets – one with a USB-C cable and power adapter for the tablet, and another with a standard AC adapter for the base unit.
  3. Wi-Fi Hotspot: One additional outlet is required for the Wi-Fi hotspot in the room.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

While a cellular hotspot is provided at no charge, local Wi-Fi is often more reliable. Please have Wi-Fi credentials available, if possible.

Safety and Methane Hazard Information

Calibration mixtures can include various concentrations of methane with the balance being air. However, the calibration gas will never exceed 2.5% methane, and oxygen should never be below 20%. All mixtures used are non-flammable.

Methane is a colorless, odorless, flammable gas and the major component of natural gas. It forms explosive mixtures with air, but exposure to methane at 10,000 ppm has no toxic effect. Methane is listed as a simple asphyxiant by ACGIH (1982) and its exposure limits should not exceed 5% by volume in air.

In conclusion, the SpanBox offers a modern, efficient, and safe method for instrument calibration. By following the guidelines for installation and safety, your facility can increase productivity while minimizing the risk of compliance violations.