The pond at LDARtools is an employee favorite. There have been 6 types of fish caught. Check out the photos!
On occasion, you may find Rex and Valerie’s  grandson, Hollis, taking a break from his busy day to catch a fish and enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze.

Amazingly, we never didn’t stock most of these species!. We just dug a deep hole, drove our pickup trucks around inside of it (for fun) and then let it fill with water.

Then the birds (we think) “deposited” the fish eggs (don’t make us describe HOW that works) and everything else unfolded.
Now the birds come to enjoy the fish feast that they planted and we (less often) get to do some “catch and release” fishing whenever there aren’t any phx42s to repair in the lab.

Just the way things work at LDARtools!