A lovely little girl needs our help: Claire Ramos was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at only 6 months old

claireThe cancerous tumor in Claire’s spinal cord causes damage to the nerves that help control her lower body’s movement. With the Chemotherapy treatments at Texas Children’s Hospital lasting for months, her family has a tough journey ahead of them.

Everyone’s praying for a total cure.

The Ramos family (and our friend, LaRisa King, Claire’s aunt) held a fundraiser last Friday (March 6) in Houston to help fund the treatments. And while we here at the LDAR Think Tank couldn’t make it, our hearts went to her family and we did what we could here.

An LDARtools shrimp boil that was held in Claire’s honor gathered $900. Here’s the LDAR Think Tank family showing our support:

godblessclaireIf you would like to donate, please contact Maria Ramos (1-713-412-1314) or LaRisa King (1-832-566-2193).

Thank you!

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