PBF Energy (formerly Exxon Mobil) – July Site of the Month

6 years of extraordinary Level 1 Repair performance with 24 phx21s and minimal downtime and off-site repair costs.  They have also provided major contributions to development and success of phx21.



Since our first delivery of phx21s in January of 2010 to Exxon in Torrance, CA they have become one of our top sites to work with because of the dedication that their level one technicians have shown.
Luis and Kam, level one certified technicians, keep up with the daily and weekly maintenance items as well as any phx21 Level One maintenance tasks, minimizing the down time they experience with their fleet and preventing their units being sent in for routine tasks that that can be completed on site. This is no small feat since their fleet has 24 phx21 analyzers.
Luis and Kam also make the repair process more efficient by always reporting issues effectively by:
  • Using the LDARtools “Report an Issue” tool on LDARtools website.
  • Including log and spans files from the unit in question.
  • Waiting for a response from LDARtools Support Team.
  • Always answering any questions Support might have about the unit.
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