Yep it’s true! The phx21 is certified as a whole – this means all the parts. A part that is introduced without going through the certification process is NOT intrinsically safe.

Not being intrinsically safe may also create an opportunity for Method 21 non compliances and is also likely an OSHA violation. Use of parts not provided by LDARtools also voids ALL warranties, flat rate repair rates and requires us to either re-certify the machine or remove the “Met Labs Class 1 Division 1” markings. The cost to re-certify the machine is $1000.

The liability assumed by using uncertified parts (parts not provided by LDARtools) is huge and it’s just plain dangerous.

Keep in mind, we are asking Technicians to strap a phx21 full of Hydrogen to their backs. Saving a little money is not a good reason to make it more dangerous.

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