phx42 TVA Probe

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our phx42 Probe Carrying Contest.
We had many entrants and have decided to name even more winners than we had originally

The Grand Prize of $250 goes to Bruce Phillips (with Lily/ERM). Bruce’s method features a
swivel carabiner (to allow the probe to lay flat in any position) and a d-clip to secure the probe
tip from swinging while climbing. (The attractive hoody was not part of the contest, but we
have had inquiries about where Bruce got it.)


phx42 TVA Probe

Congratulations to Bruce!


We are also awarding $100 prizes to the folks who submitted these innovative ideas:

$100 Winners Company Cool Idea
John DeMaio and Brett Burt with Steve West Solvay Gear Keeper Lanyard allows the movement of the probe to full range but protects the probe from swinging while the tech is moving.
Denise Celestine HydroChem PSC Carabiner with ring hanging from backpack strap.
Shirley Barron HydroChem PSC Bringing probe hose through the opening in the top of the backpack- rather than leaving a gap in the zipper.
Wesley Nelson Team Chevron Great video showing the use of heat shrink, shock-absorbing lanyard and carabiner.


Note: the money will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation on behalf of those individuals who could not accept it due to their employer’s policy prohibiting such foolishness!