certificate_resizeHere’s something that should come as no surprise: our very own Charles Christiansen and Martin Moses received their Archer repair certifications! This means that if there are any issues with your Archer, Mesa or Archer 2, we’ll have two more guys to get you back out in the field.

Now, while the certifications are wonderful, the journey to get there was even more fun. Charles and Martin attended lectures and hands-on training for 8 days in Logan, Utah. “Training was a great experience. We got to fix lots of Archers, Mesas and Archer 2s,” says Martin. “Juniper Systems (the company making the Archer devices) made us feel like family. They were very welcoming and extremely helpful.”

Here’s Charles take on his grand adventure:

charles_pic_resize“My trip to Logan was awesome!

This was my first business trip ever and it’s a great opportunity for me to learn a lot about the Juniper handhelds that are used with our phx21s. The Juniper Systems folks welcomed us with the utmost professionalism and that made the training process that much more enjoyable.

    The trip also allowed me to experience a lot of things I’ve never experienced before:

  • I flew for the first time.
  • I left my home state of Texas (Sulphur, Louisiana doesn’t count. It’s 20 minutes from the border!).
  • I saw mountains.
  • I finally got to see blue water in person for the first time in Bear Lake, Utah.

The only bad experience I had on my trip was trying Mexican food. As biased as it may sound, I don’t think anyone does food like we do in Texas!

I’m grateful that I was chosen to go on the trip and I look forward to contributing as much as I can to LDARtools in the future!”

All of this training and tourism highlights LDARtools’ culture of fun and our pursuit of the greatest customer experience. We’ll endeavor to give you the best service while having fun in the process.

ldartools_map_resizeA map of all Certified Archer Repair Sites.


If you still haven’t gotten around to upgrading your PDAs to Archer 2s, you can check out the LDARtools Webstore to get your orders in. “The Archer 2 was created with the understanding that there was a need for the ruggedized handheld for environments like ours,” says Martin. “It’s well-built and incorporates a lot of things the industry needed: a full keypad, for instance.”

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