LDARtools’ Software Development team counts among its members the brightest minds we’ve ever met. It’s no surprise that they’d fit right in here at the LDAR Think Tank where we endeavor to improve and innovate the many processes of the LDAR industry.

Coming from a software development firm based in Downtown Houston, Philip Trevino was looking for a challenge that constantly kept him on his toes. He was seeking a new career adventure and wanted a position closer to his home in League City.

Philip’s job search brought him to LDARtools, an opportunity that lies just a few minutes from his doorstep. His work with the Software Development team involved improving the SpanBox and its newest iteration. “It’s a fun challenge. I like solving problems,” he says.

While it’s very different from his previous work (creating financial trading and data management software), his PhD in Computer Science has given him the vantage point to resolve the issues that concern the LDAR industry at large.

Asked how it is so far working at LDARtools, Philip says: “It’s been great!  I really enjoy coming into work every day knowing there’s a new challenge to face and more problems to solve.”

On his off time, Philip just keeps going. “I program mobile applications for fun,” he says. His hobbies include trying out the local craft beer, dabbling in wood working, and perfecting a mean BBQ.


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